Traditional Kerala Ayurvedic Massage in qutar

Traditional Kerala Ayurvedic Massage

This is a traditional Ayurvedic massage therapy with gentile warm ayurvedic oils.This was done to rejuvenate body, relaxation, pain relief, etc. This is performed all over the body and head. Abhyangam can prevent from aging, relives tenderness, and gives proper blood circulation and good to enhance mind and souls, improve sleep and prevents or delay old age discomfort.

Kadee Vasthy

It is the method of treatment keeping warm herbal oil on lumbar region using special ‘caps’. Of 30-45 minutes. This is effective in relieving one’s back pains. Prolapsed disc, lumbar Spondilitis&spondilosis, etc.


Shiro Vasthy

It is a type of storing herbal warm oil on the head using special type of cap of 30 to 45 minutes. I t is used in paralysis , Quadriplegia, Parkinsonism, Facial Paralysis, headache,.



i t is a type of massage using herbal pouches called Kizhi. (Kizhi is the preparation of cloth balls containing herbal powders, herbal leaves, rice, cereals, meats etc.)Herbal pouches kept warm up in hot pot and massage effected part continuously to 15-30 minutes in particular way. It is very effective to reduce pain and inflammation in around joints and muscles.


Shiro Dhara

It is a method of massage by pouring medicated oil ,milk, buttermilk etc in a special rhythmic way especially on head or  the whole body, it is very effective for sleeplessness, tension, strain and head ache.


Pichu is a palliative treatment for ailments in the cranial region. It is good for diseases affecting the cranial nerves and the treatment is named after the folded piece of cloth called Pichu that is used to cover the crown. The Pichu is folded to a thickness equal to that of the palm and of a size that is just enough to cover the head.

Pizhichil - (Medicated oil bath)

Pizhichil – (Medicated oil bath)

Luke warm herbal oils are applied all over the body by dripping and gentle massage. Offers sustained relief from the rheumatism, arthritis, body pain and Neurological disorders. General weakness, arthritis, parkinsonism,MS, paralysis andInflammatory conditions of muscles,
joints and nerves.

Nasyam: - Nasal Medication

Nasyam:Nasal Medication

Nasyam is meant for cleaning the head region. Patient is asked to lie down on his back on a wooden cot placed in a room devoid of breeze. Head should be placed slightly down and legs higher. Body especially head, neck and chest should be massaged with oil and fomentation.